drumkit.pngDrummers can learn grooves, fills or whole songs from their favorite songs and artists by listening to drum tracks in isolation from the rest of the song, playing them back at any speed, looping on a measure.

guitar.pngGuitarists and bassists can instantly create drum tracks to jam with from any song with a drum tab. No drumming or midi experience required, just download and play.

composer.pngComposers can create original drum tracks or copy, paste and modify existing songs with the powerful, easy to use editor. TabTrax interfaces to most general midi synths and professional music production tools, such as Cubase, for studio quality sound and exports industry standard MIDI files. TabTrax does not require a private format supporting only a hand full of songs.

TabTrax reads ANY PLAIN TEXT DRUM TAB FILE. Choose from over 200,000 drum and guitar tabs available on the internet. TabTrax is the ultimate music teacher. For less than the cost of a 1 hour lesson, look, listen and learn the techniques of the world's greatest performers. Better than a video or a book; TabTrax provides interactive playback and an infinite variety of songs and styles to learn from. Or use Tabtrax with your music teacher to create and study lessons.

TabTrax is also the ultimate drum editor. Far easier to use and drummer friendly than other music editors that add drums as an after thought. TabTrax was developed by a drummer, for drummers.

TabTrax news

TabTrax was first released in 2003 and is currently used by thousands of musicians and drummers around the world.

TabTrax 4.0 is now available in together with the all new TabTrax for Android.

I am working a new feature to enable drummers to record their playing against a drum track in TabTrax, and then using the tools similar to the ones used to synchronize mp3 files to the drum track, analyse your own playing for timing accuracy.

To find out more about TabTrax, see our tutorials or visit out many videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/2112design

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