TabTrax FAQ


07/25/2011 07:21 PM

Q. What is TabTrax?

A. TabTrax is a windows program for the creation, playback and printing of sheet music for drums. It is able to import plain text tab files and convert to standard drum music notation and midi.


Q. Who uses TabTrax?

A. TabTrax is primarily used by drummers as a tool for learning new song, grooves, fills and techniques. However, it can also be used by non drummers to create drum tracks for songs and music created in TabTrax can be exported to other programs using the midi export feature.


Q. What kind of drum tabs can TabTrax import? Is there a special format?

A. Tabtrax can import any drum tab found on the internet. If Tabtrax cannot import a tab, you can send it to me and I will find the problem and either fix it or let you know how to fix it.


Q. What version of windows does TabTrax run on?

A. I currently develop the program on Windows 7 but the current version 4 will run on 8, XP and vista. TabTrax 4 also runs on Android version 4 and above.


Q. How do I add a rest or make a triplet?

A. Please see tutorials


Q. The music notation doesn't display correctly after upgrading from older versions

A. If you are upgrading from and older version of TabTrax and have problems with the display of the drum notation, it is probably because the installer will not install the new font file over the old one. If this happens, please go to c:\Windows\Fonts (or where ever your fonts are installed) and delete the TabTrax font. Then reinstall TabTrax and the problem should go away. After installing TabTrax you should see a font file called TabTrax40.ttf. Sorry for the inconvenience, this seems to be a problem on Windows 7.


Q. Can I run on more than one computer?

A. Yes, you can run on as many of your own personal computers as you like.


Q. How long will I get support and how do I get upgrades?

A. You will get support forever. To get an upgrade, please visit the download page.


Q. What do I do if a tab will not import?

A. The main reason tabs do not import is Tabtrax cannot find a bar separatorlike | or :. If the tab has a non standard bar separator like ] or < or something like that, simply replace them all with |. The easiest way to do that is open with notepad or wordpad and use Ctrl+H for replace menu the change whatever you find for a bar separator to |.

If that doesn't work, please email the tab to me and I will try fix it for you.


Q. How can I control note lenght manually? Say for example, I want a quarter note but TabTrax gives me a half note.

A. Music notation formating is automatic in TabTrax but you can manually control formating by inserting rests and controlling tail direction.

If for example, you have a bass drum note on 1 and another on 3, TabTrax will create 2 half notes. If you want those to be quarter notes, simply insert a rest at 2 and 4. To insert a rest, set the insert cursor by clicking on the count bar or scrolling with the middle mouse wheel in the drum kit, then press the Tab key (or shift+Tab for a bass line rest).

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