Surveillance Cameras

There are thousands of models of security cameras designed to meet the needs of each prevention and security project. Security cameras are a very useful tool for home and business owners. They are used to monitor the activities of intruders and thieves’ activities and provide security for the premises. 


Selecting the most appropriate is very complicated because the difficulty increases with such a technical product. It becomes complex to define which elements are most convenient for us and worth sacrificing.


The main disadvantage of security cameras is that they require maintenance and replacement every year. It can be expensive if you have to replace them every year. It is also important to know that security cameras can be very expensive. 


So it is best to do some research in terms of camera quality and functionality before buying a security camera online.

Table of Contents

Here are some tips you can use when making your final choice when buying your security cameras:

1. Indoor or Outdoor Video Surveillance Cameras

There are several indoor and outdoor security cameras available in the market. The best way to choose a camera is to look at its features, price, and customer reviews. There are some things that you should keep in mind when you buy an indoor or outdoor camera.

The camera’s size: It should be small enough for you to use it without having to remove the camera from your home or office. The bigger the camera, the more difficult it is for you to install it in your home or office because of its bulky size. If you want a large-sized indoor or outdoor security system, some cameras can fit into small spaces like a closet.

Whether the camera is installed indoors or outdoors, we must define another important thing. And if we need our project to be persuasive or discreet, we can also qualify the size and aesthetics of the camera based on that.

It is recommended that in case of being a project designed for outdoor, we focus, in addition to the above, if the camera has an IP66 or IP67 certificate which is a guarantee that it can withstand climate changes and vandalism.

2. Roof or Wall Security Cameras

Roof or wall security cameras are a good investment for businesses looking to improve security and safety. These cameras can help detect intruders, reduce the risk of theft and vandalism, and even prevent accidents.


The installation can be done in the ceiling or the wall—another factor determining the security cameras model we will choose for our installation.


The installation issues must be left in expert hands. In this way, it prevents the systems from being damaged, not properly placed, and, subsequently, failures in the monitoring, mechanism or even thefts not detected by these placement errors.

3. Night Vision Surveillance Cameras

Night vision cameras are used to detect people and objects in the dark. This type of camera is also an excellent tool for detecting people & objects in the dark. 


However, manufacturers have not paid attention to the sensors that make night vision cameras work. These could be replaced by cheaper, better and more efficient versions of the same technology.


But the good news is that some night vision surveillance cameras have image recognition software that can also identify complex objects like people, pets etc.


Night vision cameras have been available for a long time. That type of camera is initially used to detect traffic signals and signs and in many different applications such as security, industrial automation, surveillance and more.


The night vision function allows monitoring and recording 24 hours a day; it is important that the camera records in any light condition and that elements such as resolution are considered so that there is better image quality.

4. Viewing Angles of Security Cameras

The angle of vision of the security cameras is another factor to consider. We can see that some angles of view of security cameras are not enough to determine the security level of a specific area. 


The angle of view can be defined as the angle from which the camera’s point of view is viewed, measured in degrees. 


If a person stands in front of a camera, it will only show them as a black dot. If the person is standing behind the camera, it will only show them as a black dot with white lines. 


In this section, we can determine what we need to see. The cameras of video vigilance give us all the possible options, from which they record 360º until they have a zoom.


 This feature gives us better control of the area we watch. The camera angle can also determine how far away a given object is.

5. Connection Type for Wired or Wireless Camera

The connection type of the camera to the electronic device is a crucial factor in determining the quality of the picture. Since many cameras are available in two different types, you can easily choose which type best suits your needs.


Security cameras are a computer component and are used to record video and still images. The wired connection is used for recording video and still images, while the wireless connection is used for streaming audio. 


The camera connects to the computer via a network, so it is unnecessary to connect it directly to the computer.


Finally, we now have the opportunity to choose if we prefer that the installation be generated by cables or wirelessly. However, it is advisable to support you with an expert opinion.

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